HIJAB- a symbol of modesty and demureness- has gained huge attention in view of the modest revolution, which has taken the eager young women by the storm who can now gussy up while adhering to religious values. Gone are the days when the hijab was considered a piece of cloth draped over the head, typifying a Muslim woman. Now is the reign when various hijab styles are gaining prominence on the runways and besides being a religious identity, it has become an epitome of modest fashion.

This revolution largely attributes to the likes of 20-years old Azelefa Khan, the founder of Azelefa Co, who aspires to transform the idea of hijab from merely a veil to a fashion icon. So cheer up queens, hold your head high and wear your HIJAB!

Since its conception, Azelefa Co has kept its focus upon emboldening the young women to embrace their hijab by providing them a platform, in order to bring together Muslim women from across the world, thus forming a hijab community.


“Designed in Canada for the most empowered women- YOU.” Azelefa Co. offers a wide range of trendy and lovable hijabs along with modest clothing and hijab accessories, that doesn’t only makes one look sassy but also classy!

Whether you have to hit a party, dine out with friends, celebrate a big day, or be it the run-of-the-mill chore; Azelefa co. has all that you need to have in your wardrobe, ranging from a wide collection of fabrics to an extensive variety of colors, apt for every occasion.

If you are looking for a graceful hijab that you can drape on your head flawlessly, the non-slip premium chiffon hijab is the pick of the bunch. For casual wear to adorn your appearance, the exceptionally sophisticated and comfy cotton crinkle hijab can be carried in a number of ways. Not to forget the voguish Tie Die Hijab; a must-have in your wardrobe, with its essential bold features. Want to feel like a royalty? The luxe satin silk made with premium Satin-Silk blend fabric will definitely help you steal the show by adding loads of glamour to your look. Not least of all, the instant jersey turban is the perfect pick for those chasing down a hijab that requires no tying, no pins, and also stretches well to fit all head sizes.

In addition to an extensive collection of fabrics, Azelefa Co has a broad spectrum of colors to fit with your every outfit in every season and to make you look every inch the chic hijabi; Noir, Nude, satin black, electric blue; YOU NAME IT, THEY HAVE IT!

Azelefa Co not only wants to embolden the young women to embrace their hijab and to slay in it but also to make it super comfortable for them to carry; therefore the breathable underscarves are worthy to mention here as it helps to cover the hair properly, keep them intact all day long and can be worn in all seasons; And the velvet no-slip, lightweight scrunchie is essential to enhance the volume thus forming a perfect round shape underneath the hijab.

Over and above the rest, the best seller “say no to pin” hijab magnets by AC are a life saver. Ruining your favorite hijab with regular pins must hurt, right? But no need to worry any longer since the hijab magnets by AC are the strongest in the market as they keep your hijab in place without damaging the fabric and are very handy to use.


Changing your haircut, hairstyle and hair dye can largely transform you. But how often and feasible do you think it is? Oh, the blessed hijabis! You got a privilege in this case too.

As carrying hijab in so many different styles has become a vogue, the hijabis must and do hit on various styles, for a fresh new look every day. The hijab styles don’t only vary as per the outfits and events but every other day a new style can make you look different from yesterday, which, besides making one embrace their hijab with more pride and confidence, also offers inspiration to others to jump on the bandwagon.

Since the outset of AC aims at boosting the self-confidence and acceptance regarding wearing hijab and turning it into a style icon, AC has everything that one needs to make their hijab even more lovable, including a range of hijab styles in reserve, just a tap away at @AZELEFA CO.| Hijab Store. PS: The *2022 hijab trend* easy hijab styles are worth giving a whirl.




Finally yet most importantly, Azelefa Co amongst other things incepted with an ulterior motive of providing a platform for the young Muslim women to connect from around the world and to share their tales, their ideas, and endeavors which also encourage others to undertake similar expedition. Therefore, the idea behind establishing a Global Muslim Community has enabled the Muslim women to build their hijab identity by promoting open discussions about Muslim femininity and thus setting up a Hijab Community.