5 Hijab Styles that you need to try

5 Hijab Styles that you need to try

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Hijab is an Arabic term that literally translates to "curtain." It is used to define the broad standards of attire and decency for both genders in the framework of Religion. Western Muslims frequently use the phrase to refer to the headscarf worn by Muslim women. Hijab can be fashioned and donned in a variety of ways, according to the climate, season, and attire. It is worn in many different regions of the world. So, if you're unfamiliar with the many Hijab styles, keep reading.
A charming and distinctive Hijab design was born with the emergence of modest fashion ladies. These Hijab designs will make you seem amazing and will go with all of your outfits and trends, according to Azelefa co.

1. Simple Hijab

It's a favorite of several hijabis since it's easy to do and can be done with practically any fabric. Combine this design with silk, cotton pashmina, or jersey hijab for a basic, daily appearance. Adding chiffon or satin shawls will boost this look for more ceremonial events.


> Begin by putting a rectangle scarf on your head.
> Connect two sides of the Hijab, starting at the tip of the chin, to form a single piece of clothing. Pin it.
> A hijab should be worn on another side of your shoulder. Swap both sides of the hijab. > Alternatively, you may turn it around and get in on it.
> Spread it on your chest and wrap it around you.

2. Compatible Hijab With Jewelry

Everyone wants to show off their expensive scarves and jewelry, particularly earrings. We've got a good idea for you, though. Embrace your option of wearing gorgeous earrings with this accessory-compatible hijab.

Compatible Hijab With Jewelry


> In order to hold everything in place, you can wear a hat, although this is a personal option.
> Rather than tying your scarf over your chin, move a bit lower down and pin it at the nape of your neck.
> Spritz your scarf with Drape on one side. Fold your scarf over your shoulder. Just slip it behind your earlobes and you're ready to go!
> Last but not least, don't forget to put on your jewelry.

3. Turkish Hijab

It is extremely fashionable to wear a hijab in the Turkish style nowadays. A custom-made hijab gives Turkish ladies a feminine feel. In general, they're offered in plain silk or patterned silk. Around the chest, they don't like to build up many layers. Extensions are either left dangling or tied in front to prevent a bulky appearance in the Turkish-style hijab. Light-colored hijabs are especially popular among Turkish hijabis since they can be worn with nearly any clothing.

Turkish Hijab


> Wear a matching under the cap to your hijab.
> You'll need to fold your square hijab into an unbalanced triangular shape. Drape it across your head, maintaining either side equally, and style it with a point at the top of the headband. Magnetically stable beneath your chin.
> It is advisable to connect the two dangling sides over each other, and then wear them over your neck. So that the tail is hidden, use a magnet or a string to hold them together.

4. Turban Style Hijab

To the realm of scarves, Turban Hijab is a new addition. It's a mashup of Muslim clothing with Indian culture from the past. Beginning with turbans constructed from many yards of cloth worn by males, it evolved into a hijab worn by women with more variety and class. This style of Hijab may be worn in a trendy and sophisticated way at any party or family gathering.

Turban Style Hijab


> Tie your hair into a bun – neither too high nor too low – before putting on your hijab.
> Fold your hijab in halves lengthwise and place it over your head, one end considerably shorter than the other. Connect both pieces behind your neck, towards the nape.
> To tighten, wrap the shorter end around your bun and tuck it into itself.
> Then, many times around the bun, tie the longer piece. Fold the leftover cloth into itself once more. A hidden magnet keeps it in place.

5. Arabic Style Hijab

Arabic is regarded as one of the most attractive hijab designs used by women in Arab nations. It completely covers the head and has a triangle form on the chest part. For informal use, the hijab is made of chiffon and available in patterned style.

Arabic Style Hijab


>Make careful to keep one side of the hijab shorter than the other. With a magnet beneath your chin, you can keep it in place.
>Use the shorter side and wrap it around your head in a backward fashion.
>Using the longer side, wrap the shorter side around your head and place it on top. On the crown area, stack the two pieces. Magnetize the top of your hijab to prevent it from falling off.
>To style your hijab, twirl the tail end a few times and fasten it with a magnet around your neck, concealed below the folds, to the cloth.