The Prayer Set - Khushu
The Prayer Set - Khushu
The Prayer Set - Khushu
The Prayer Set - Khushu
The Prayer Set - Khushu


The Prayer Set - Khushu

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Introducing: The Prayer Set. As a designer, I was determined to create a prayer set that would revolutionize the market. You’re probably well aware of prayer sets that exist in the market with issues like heaviness, discomfort, and slipping. After a lot of research and testing, I finally came up with a design that solves all your problems. The Prayer Set is a perfect blend of style and comfort, featuring a unique design that embodies elegance. The satin-silk blend material used is of the highest quality, making it durable and long-lasting, while also ensuring that it is gentle on your skin.

The unique non-slip material on top of the head keeps everything in place, so you can focus on your prayers without worrying about slippage. Also, the customizable ties allows you to tie your prayer set however you like, making it perfect for anyone's personal style.

But that's not all - we've also added extra features to make this prayer set even more functional. The skirt has pockets to hold your phone or other small items, and a drawstring to adjust your waist for the perfect fit. And for those who take their prayer set to the mosque, we've included a prayer bag to keep everything organized and in one place.

The best part? You’re not just beautifying yourself for the outside world, but also for the moments you stand before Allah in prayer. Wrap yourself in our beautiful sets with utmost ease and feel the spiritual elevation that comes with being closer to Allah.

Exclusively designed by Azelefa with you in mind.


  • Extremely lightweight material
  • Easy to wear
  • Non-slip material on top of the head 
  • Customizable tie
  • Skirt features deep pockets
  • Drawstring waistband for a comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Double Frills

Body Measurements: 

Note: Skirt waist is adjustable with drawstring. The model is 5'7. The model is wearing a size small. 

Size (inches) S/M L/XL XXL/XXXL
Jilbab Length (Front) 33.4 33.4 33.8
Jilbab Length (Back) 54.7 54.7 55.9
Skirt Waist 12.9 14.5 15.7
Skirt Length 43.3 43.3 44


Customer Reviews

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The Prayer Set - Khushu

love it!!

as someone who is trying to get back on their deen, im super excited to have found a way to make prayer feel more mindful. this set is so beautiful and silky! not see-through at all. its the perfect weight to feel luxurious, but not too heavy. it comes in a matching drawstring bag which is so thoughtful.

processing took a little while but its so worth the wait!! ill def buy more soon :)


Soooo nice comes in a wonderful bag ( same fabric as the prayer set and the fabric is light and nice.


Not at all worth the money. It’s basic and doesn’t look nearly as nice as seen in pictures. Fabric came extremely creased.