Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa
Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa
Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa
Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa
Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa
Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa

Azelefa Co.

Matching Hijab & Undercap Set - Cocoa

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Style:Matching Chiffon Hijab & Bamboo Undercap Set

 You deserve to look your best every day. That’s why we’ve crafted essential custom-dyed Matching Hijab and Undercaps, specifically with you in mind. Our Matching Hijabs and Undercaps make it easy to elevate your look in seconds.

Why did we choose bamboo jersey underscarf?

Your Undercap will likely be your best friend for 8 hours of the day—might as well make it a good one! Our bamboo Jersey Undercap is made from a light and breathable material that protects against breakage, frizz and static. They are made with the highest grade of UV-protective bamboo material, which is more breathable than cotton and has natural moisture wicking properties. Say goodbye to hairloss & hello to our Matching Hijab & Bamboo Jersey Undercap.

Set includes: 

Premium Chiffon Hijab & Matching Bamboo Jersey Undercap

Size: 180 x 70 cm

Customer Reviews

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Hodan Abdirahman ali



I absolutely love the color and the quality of the hijab. Definitely the best quality hijab on the market at the moment!!! Keep doing your thing <3

Aqsa Zahid

Very smother and lightweight I like it.

By far the best high quality chiffon and bamboo undercap

I am known to be the chiffon girl, I am the person seek for recommendations when it comes to chiffon. I have tried all types of chiffon fabrics and I know from fabric look, texture and feel what quality chiffon is! Azelefa chiffon and ninja bamboo undercap are my best on the market among all the brands Ive tried! I have all the colors available and I can’t wait for Azelefa to bring out more colors! Don’t hesitate, get them!!

Gabriela Rayon

I loved my new Cocoa Mathcing Hijabi and undercap Set. Its super breathable. I am a new hijabi and was struggling alot with trying different materials and Azelefa is absolutely on my top list of hijabs.!