Azelefa Co. is a Toronto based hijab brand that has been bringing premium and uniquely designed hijabs to the market since the mid of 2020. Despite facing several hardships during the pandemic, Azelefa, the owner and founder of Azelefa Co. was determined to step into the ever so growing world of online business. 



Hijabs are often associated with women oppression in western countries, although the truth is contrary to it. They provide women with an opportunity to feel confident and empowered while staying modest. The purpose behind Azelefa Co. aligns with these virtues of wearing a hijab and hence symbolizes cultural diversity and women empowerment that are vital for building a stronger community. 





Azelefa Co. is a line of comfortable, breathable and innovative hijabs. It symbolizes our fidelity towards providing you with high quality products. Our also radically improve upon existing hijab designs. It reinforces our vision— making our hijabs the one that reminds you to be the best versions of yourselves. We believe that hijabs should be more than just an accessory – they should fit comfortably and make you look and feel beautiful. Azelefa Co. is designed for the most empowered women on earth - you. 


 Our determination to provide luxurious and innovative hijabs to my customers is ever more heightened and we will continue to serve my customers all around the globe with zest and zeal.
Azelefa Co.